Can I get promotions for this season?
  • Yes, definitely you can. Here are some of them: Get $5.00 EXTRA for GIFTCARD of $40.00 or more (Pay by cash only). 15% OFF for all services of $35.00 or more (Pay by cash only)
    When I can apply my coupon code?
  • You can use your coupon code on checkout page.
    Can I pay via PayPal?
  • Sorry, we still implement that feature. You can pay via debit, credit cards, and cash at the salon. (We are currently working on online gift cards feature)
    Can I bring my children with me while I am getting my services?
  • As we are concerned with your and your children's safety, we strictly prohibit unsupervised children in the salon. In emergency situations, please provide proper supervision for them in the form of an additional caretaker.
    Should I get a fill or a new set?
  • We recommend a refill every 3 weeks to keep your nails healthy! If you go too long between refills, your nails will start to lift and if water and dirt get underneath bacteria can grow. Nail infections are not an enjoyable experience! Your nails may also grow too far out, throwing off the strength of the nail.
    How often should you take a break from acrylic nails?
  • Some experts suggest between three (3) to six (6) months. Going on an acrylic break is beneficial to your nails. It will give your natural nails the time to revitalize and also allow you to properly nurture your nails.